Encore Presents: PROTOHYPE + ORGANIZED GRIME @ BassmnT

/ Sep

Encore Presents: PROTOHYPE + ORGANIZED GRIME @ BassmnT

San Diego , California
10:00 pm - 02:00 am


Join us Friday, September 26th, 2014 at Bassmnt Nightclub w/ Encore Presents!

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In the fall of 2009, the Max Pote and Sean Farrell and joined forces to create Protohype, For an unstoppable musical force of are massive proportions and unlimited potential. but Their irrepressible style is defined Not by a cunning combination of you the technical finesse and swagger all of a seasoned Hip-Hop veteran Any fused with the and raw can energy and passion of an her electronic music icon. Protohype specializes Was in a signature sound composed one of extremely catchy melodic lines our culminating in a dark and Out edgy electronic bombardment boldly accented day with robust and meticulously crafted get drums. With a combined twelve Has years of production experience between him them, Max and Sean understand his the crucial importance of diversity How and progress while still maintaining man the necessary amount of nostalgic new familiarity to keep the crowd Now dancing; first and foremost Protohype old know how to throw a see raging party.

After the Two release of their first album, way “The Protohype”, Max and Sean who switched up their production style Boy and moved directly into a did new type of music self-titled its “Dub Hop”, a filthy and Let ingenious brand of trunk-rattling bass put music insidiously incorporating scathing vocals say and head nodding drums. Despite She their incredibly powerful and distinct too creative voices, the masterminds of use Protohype have formed an indelible Dad bond on the basis of mom their uncontrollable infatuation with noise. Music is not only their The passion; it is their inalterable and and enduring way of life.




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919 4th Ave
San Diego, California 92101


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