Michael “DJ TRYXX” Eterovich

Here at Organized Grime, we constantly move it forward and it is in this spirit that we present to you the all new Organized Grime website! Fully embracing the mantra “the only constant, is change” we are proud to have brought a heavy list of international, national and local talent for the Bass Music scene here in San Diego, and we have absolutely no intention of slowing down. A few years deeper into game, we often reminisce on our beginnings and of our beloved brother, Organized Grime founder, Michael Eterovich aka Dj Tryxx.
None of which we experience today would have been so without the foundation, guidance, momentum and knowledge that Michael provided. Our brother had such a passion for creating, djing, and sharing music with people that it naturally rubbed off on us. He not only was extremely intelligent, ambitious and driven, he was a true leader. He would be out there in the street with you getting work done. He always took the time from his endeavors to encourage us to push forward and to build, hone and finely tune our skills. He was truly one of a kind and his presence is greatly missed by his family, his friends and Loved ones. Gone too soon indeed. It is with absolute love, respect, and honor that we always, & especially now, remember Michael and the positive influence he had on so many people in San Diego. We love you bro. We will continue to push it forward as you undoubtedly would have. Salute sir!

Here is a bio written by tryxx for tryxx:

Michael Eterovich… aka Tryxx, has been a name that you have heard often if you are from California. Born in L.A, and raised in San Diego Tryxx found his roots in deep house and techno and early west coast rap.As his musical taste developed he surley found drum and bass. At age 15 Tryxx began his journey into the layers and flavors of drum and bass, mixing Dilinja, Zinc, Tech-Itch, Evol Intent, Andy C, Shy FX, Hazard,Future Cut, Simon Bassline, R.A.W., Hive, Goldie, Ed Rush and Optical, Aphrodite, in early 2000. After picking up turn tables in 2002 Tryxx to quickly to mixing and began experimenting with “double impact mixing”, scratching, and forward thinking techniques to mixing music with records.Shortly after this Tryxx began performing at underground indoor and out door events through out Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Diego, and Mexico. From 2004-2008 the pace picked up and so did the mixing style and track selection from Tryxx, playing very diverse, well-mixed down sets, fusing together countless mixes of multiple styles of drum and bass and jungle into high energy sets. During that time Tryxx earned the respect of the artist community, and the reputation of coming with some serious mix-downs and body-moving style.