MC Oozi

MC Oozi


Oozi AKA Airborn MC. Born to fight for those who want it loud and break through to the ones who want to hear the truth. I’m not your typical MC… Been in the circuit rippin’ and reppin’ on some D&B and Hip Hop shit with S.N.I.P.A.H. Squad and PARALLEL since 1997. I’m from Anaheim, CA and have lived in Los Angeles, Orange County and now San Diego. What can I say, I got that California Mindstate.

If you were to ask me what to expect at a show I would say you will always get action packed energy, original lyrics, and styles ranging from conscious hip hop to the Oozi signature rapid fire flows.

Break down the broken system, take over all your stations. Fully prepared to conquer, modern-era invasion“- Oozi

Since linking up with the Organized Grime family there has been a sudden shift in direction and focus as the break out solo routine is no longer and a new horizon comes fourth! Their must be an understanding that teamwork and collaborative efforts are the only way to succeed in this business and that we are all starving for the same thing. I believe that a time is upon us to reach out past the confines of immediate network and reach out to all that is around you! For to long the scene has been experiencing a saturation of ego driven, selfish and greedy intentions that has driven us to a “Choose your side” mentality and our goal is to wake them up. The mission is simple… Make good music, share it with your brothers & sisters and unite the kingdom in your temple so that we may all be free and give back to the world that we take so much from!

With great power comes great responsibility! Peace, Love and Oneness!” ~ Oozi

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