Picking up undergound hip hop records and turntables at an early age. He started to develop a taste outside his usual genre of music and wanted to start to spread the love for the music by djing his own personal style. Influenced by a mutual friend, DJ TryXX, he rapidly became more involved in listening to/attending underground rave/dance parties.

Taking his hip hop roots and fusing the electronic music style, he started to develop a true buzz for the sound! Not shortly after did he also realize he had a desire to start bringing people together and start throwing the same parties that got him hooked!

Now with plans to unite all drum & bass / dubstep music lovers in & around Southern California and the West Coast, he will continue to support the scene with great nights such as one off weekend events, weekly events, monthly events, radio sets and dj bookings that rock the scene and keep the music going!

Throwing shows dating back to 2008 and a Flyer portfolio dating back to 2007 he is no stranger to dnb/dubstep dj circuit.He has no intentions on stopping his continuous love and support for the music. Some of his influences are a huge list of local talented djs & producers aswell as international well known artists! DJ Tryxx, Dirty Deeds, Heavy Hittahz, Obstrukt, Toxic, Tony C, 6blocc Aka RAW, Osal8, Calculon, Indentation, Austin Speed, Swan Dive, Danny Thunders, Headshake, Blitz, Replicant, CRAZE, Dillinja, Goldie, Total Science, TC, entire Ganja recordings crew, DJ HYPE, Crissy Criss, Micky Finn, Logan D, Skream, Benga, Dub Police Camp, Circus Camp, 12th Planet formerly Infiltrata, DJ Hatcha, SMOG crew Apx-1 & CRS?.The list could go for days! That’s what he finds so awesome about the music and the culture. Sharing stages or studio mixing time dating back to 2007 with international artists/music pioneers. The list goes such as: NERO, Caspa, Trolley Snatcha, Excision, Skism, Subscape, Loadstar, Borgore, Dieselboy, Bro Safari, Tittsworth, Figure & The Killabits, Noah D, Mampi Swift, Micky Finn, Phetsta, AK1200, D1, Danny The WildChild, Task Horizon, Pleasure, Social Security, Youngsta, Stenchman, Supreme, Megalodon, TRUTH, BadKlaat, Coffi, Cyberoptics, Calvertron, The Juggernaut, Vaski, J Rabbit, Dodge & Fuski, Liquid Stranger, MC Messinian, Bare, Dub FX, Spectrum, Capital J, Dirty Deeds, Heavy Hittahz, Obstrukt, Serjah 9, Calculon, 6blocc aka RAW, Subflo, MC Dino, MC DRE, Steady, Kemst MC, Questionmark MC & plenty more.

The list goes on and will continue to go on! He also has huge involvements in the movements of a up and coming weekly Organized Grime that has almost 2 years under their belt, also making big moves in the recent and has big plans for the future!

Always interested in meeting new people that share his same beliefs & passions! If you attend a DJ set of his you are most likely going to hear some high energy jump up/ jungle / DnB, low frequency heavy bass dubstep mixed with some bouncy 140bpm and 140bpm jungle!

Always pushin! ~ Gum-B

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