Dj Trahma

Dj Trahma


Adam “Trahma” Kartwright is a universal B-boy looking for the perfect beat. He wanted to learn to DJ mainly to have another avenue to liberate his artistic expression. He started skateboarding at a young age and enjoyed watching skateboarding videos, often using them to discover new music. He came to love many types of music, but Hip-Hop became a big influence on his skateboarding style.


Listening to music that originates from the street while witnessing art manifest in the street is a powerful thing”~Trahma


Relating the hours spent in local skate shops, like Willy’s Workshop in Rancho Penasquitos, absorbing as much as possible from the skate videos on their TV screens. As Trahma became more familiar with Hip-Hop, he found himself spitting rhymes with friends while someone beat boxed, drawing graff-art all over his homework, and getting up and breakdancing. He worked and saved to buy his first turn-tables, while collecting Reggae and Hip-Hop vinyl albums.

Over the years, he has continued to upgrade his setup and explore the elements of deejaying and producing across various genres. While Trahma is influenced by Oldies, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, Funk, and Soul, his heart lies with Jungle, Drum n Bass, and Footwork. He began performing at the inception of Organized Grime in 2010 when the late Michael “Tryxx” Eterovich gave him his DJ name and a new opportunity.


It has been such a blessing and awesome experience to be inside the ride with all the great people who run Organized Grime” ~ Trahma


His most memorable performance was when he played a back-to-back birthday set with his younger brother, Derek “Lazerwolfe”, opening for Truth and DJ SS. Trahma is originally from San Diego and also represents Dub Chamber Records, Kings Connect Recordings and Dojo Radio.

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