*Exclusive Mix* Tyke Live On Kiss Fm (Dj Hype Show)

*Exclusive Mix* Tyke Live On Kiss Fm (Dj Hype Show)



We guarantee you will not stop moving when playing the newest Tyke mix, recorded live on the DJ hype show! Tyke never disappoints where ever he is playing, adding this mix to your Soundcloud playlist should be a top priority. Turn it up and enjoy!



Tyke: A mischief maker; a rascal; a cheeky little upstart gnawing away at the ankles of life with raw determination… Never, ever, letting go.

The tag relates to his days as a young graffiti artist, covering London’s rail network with his stark, sharp, vibrant style. But it’s just as relevant in the drum & bass world: His style is still distinctively sharp, stark and vibrant… But now he’s moved up from the ankles, he’s currently chewing the face off the scene, and he’s hungry.

Now signed to the mighty Playaz brand, with the help of scene forefathers DJ Hype and Pascal, Tyke is set to go supernovae. Once a semi-pro footballer, now fully committed to fine-tuning his mind-bending studio skills, his currency in D&B is more valuable than ever… But it’s always been strong; his earliest, self-released, tracks were supported by Hazard, Jumping Jack Frost and Nicky Blackmarket. Andy C joined quickly joined the premier support list when he snapped up Tyke and Recipe’s old skool homage ‘Music Makers’ for his ‘Nightlife 5’ mix.


“Head over to my SC at to listen bk to my mix from @djhype_playaz Kiss show #dnb #kissfm #playaz” ~ TYKE




October 2nd, 2016

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