<p style=* FREE DOWNLOAD* Technique Podcast Episode 40 – Tantrum Desire" />

* FREE DOWNLOAD* Technique Podcast Episode 40 – Tantrum Desire


Another firing podcast from Technique ​Recordings! If you love Drum n Bass, lock yourself in with their series of podcast productions if you haven’t already! They release free mixes from acts like Drumsound & Bassline Smith, L Plus, Crissy Criss, just to name a few. This month Tantrum Desire is in the mix! We have to say, it’s one of their best podcast performances yet! A roller coaster ride of anthems, un-released & Tantrum Desire original tunes mixed to perfection! Download this one and turn it up!!


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Let’s not beat around the bush. Ahead of their “Diversified Album, Tantrum Desire take control of this months Technique Podcast.It’s absolutely clear Jay and Dev have put the graft in over the last decade to claim and maintain their D&B-elite status. And, as DJs, they’ve proven their ability to take that sound into the real world and make it connect with the biggest crowds bass-heavy music has to offer.
There are a handful of acts that can simultaneously kill it in the underground and the mainstream, and we’re about to find out why Tantrum Desire is one of them…”
~ Technique ​Recordings




June 24th, 2015

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