* FREE DOWNLOAD* Dieselboy – The 6ixth Session

* FREE DOWNLOAD* Dieselboy – The 6ixth Session


The classic Mix from Dieselboy “The 6ixth session” was recently put on his sound cloud and he made it available for FREE download! Produced back in 2000, he paved the way for some of us here at Organized Grime. Opening our eyes to the world of Drum n Bass! “The 6ixth Session” takes you on a relentless bass journey with incredible mixing skills! Every Drum N Bass enthusiasts should consider grabbing this one for FREE if they don’t already have it! Add it to your playlist and enjoy the world renowned production from the one and only Dieselboy!


(Download for free by clicking the little arrow in the top right hand corner!)


Originally appearing on the Palm Pictures label back in 2000, “The 6ixth Session” was my best selling mix CD. It features Konflict’s super awesome “Messiah” which is one of my favorite drum and bass anthems if all time. The amazing graphic design is by Akira Takahashi and showcases 3D modeling of my head from Rene Garcia aka “Hyperform” who went on to do 3D work for the Matrix and Transformers movies. Suffice it to say, I have always been extremely proud of this particular work. It really helped push drum and bass music to a larger audience in North America.” ~ Dieselboy




April 2nd, 2015

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