<p style=* FREE DOWNLOAD * Gaze Ill – Leveraged VIP" />

* FREE DOWNLOAD * Gaze Ill – Leveraged VIP


Fat Kid On Fire releases another great tune for free. Gaze Ill has unleashed the VIP of Leveraged. This is a major wobble’r for the Dubstep lover. Play this one loud and enjoy!

(Download for free by clicking the little arrow in the top right hand corner!)


” Celebrating Surfase Records’ 20th release, Gaze Ill opens this VIP by cutting up the samples from the original banger. It’s safe to say the Leverage VIP is an even more offensive gun clapper than its predecessor. The bassweight in this cut is centered and aimed directly at the listener, making it an almost anthemic production. Various pulses head into the darkness, pushing high energy levels into contagious channels of continuity. The second drop becomes a swirl of all various Gaze Ill signature elements, making this type of production seem almost effortless. The deep message inside only appears at the beginning and end, making us wanting to experience this monster on a continuing basis…” ~ Fat Kid On Fire




March 2nd, 2015

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