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The long awaited and final installment of the groundbreaking HBS mixtape series produced by Evil B & Logan D. Its rare to find a beautifully put together Drum n Bass MIX with quality recordings of both the MC and DJ. This hour long production proves these two are an unstoppable force, bringing some lyrical magic with vivacious selections. Download for FREE and play where ever you go, ENJOY!

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” Powerhouse DJ/MC duo Logan D and MC Evil B deliver the highly anticipated HBS 5, the final instalment in their groundbreaking HBS mixtape series. It’s bigger than Godzilla, filthier than a side chick and rolls harder than a brick.
HBS 5 is Evil B’s most profound lyrical offering yet. The verbal sniper comes armed with an artillery of metaphoric, multi-layered bars, complex wordplay and raw emotional retellings of real life situations. On a mission to elevate and educate the mentals, Evil B gives hungry fans plenty of food for thought to digest long after the mix finishes.
Logan D’s razor-sharp selection and on-point seamless mixing perfectly accompanies Evil B’s lyrical assassination; showcasing exactly why they are two of the most progressive and forward thinking artists in Drum and Bass.
When they first joined forces on HBS they didn’t set out to change the D&B game. Both major players in their own right, Logan D was already one of the most sought after DJs and head honcho of Low Down Deep Recordings. MC Evil B was gaining popularity and shaping the landscape of Mcing with his versatile and unique style. They created HBS and S.H.U.S as a bit of fun and for the sheer love of the scene. Neither anticipated it would become one of the most downloaded mixtape series in Drum and Bass, gaining an army of fans from all over the World.
HBS 5 goes out to all the S.H.U.S army and HBS supporters who have held it down since day one, without you none of this would have been possible. HBS 5 available for free download now.”






February 2nd, 2015

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