<p style=* FREE MIX * Dj Construct – “The Dub Club” Vol.3 (50 Track DnB Mix of Dubs)" />

* FREE MIX * Dj Construct – “The Dub Club” Vol.3 (50 Track DnB Mix of Dubs)


LA’s Xcellerated big dog, DJ Construct, brings volume 3 of his “The Dub Club” mix series for FREE download! Construct is known for having some of the most exclusive dubs in the west coast dnb circuit and continues to bring Los Angeles some of the freshest & upfront drum and bass. Make sure to keep tabs on his SoundCloud account and also his ‘Xcellerated‘ brand! Big tings!!!




DJ Construct Presents: “The Dub Club” Vol.3

This is the third edition of “The Dub Club” which features 50 of my favorite tracks which are currently unreleased dubs. The mix was made on Monday, December 1st 2014 and at that time all of these tracks were unreleased, hence the title of the mix “The Dub Club”. The mix was made using a stack of 50 single track CD’s, with 3 Pioneer CDJ’s, an Allan & Heath Xone:DB4 mixer, which ran into an Apogee ensemble soundcard, using Audacity to record. This mix has a total running time of 55 minutes, and 45 seconds. I hope you enjoy! ~ Dj Construct

(Download for free by clicking the little down arrow in the top right corner)


1.Funtcase – Trife Feat. Ghostface Killah (dub)
2.TC – All In [One Love] (dub)
3.Brockie & Ed Solo – System Check [Annix Remix] (dub)
4.Replicant – Times Up (dub) [teaser]
5.Taxman – Beyond The Black Rainbow (dub)
6.Upgrade – Too Strong (dub) [teaser]
7.Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket – Jazz Tickles (dub)
8.Hellcat – Must Die [Annix Remix] (dub) [teaser]
9.Spaow – M33 (dub)
10. TC – Unnamed Dub [teaser]
11. Rawtee – Deadlift (dub)
12. Code Red – Unnamed Dub [teaser]
13. Flaco & Glen E. Ston – Freaky Side (dub)
14. Vigorous – By My Side – [Paul SG Remix] (dub) [teaser]
15. 2N – Endless Imagination [Catnip Riddim] (dub)
16. DJ Pleasure – Rarse (dub) [teaser]
17. Supreme Being & Sub Zero – Bangers (dub)
18. Funtcase – Realm (dub) [teaser]
19. Macky Gee – Likkle Fassy Feat. Thunda Banton (dub)
20. Annix & Turno – Godzilla (dub) [teaser]
21.Modified Motion – Jelly Jams (dub)
22. Harvest – Lockdown (dub) [teaser]
23. Version – Pear Drops (dub)
24. Premium – Empty Threats (dub) [teaser]
25. Flaco – Matilda (dub)
26. TC – Bamboo (dub) [teaser]
27. Taxman – Falling Down V.I.P. (dub)
28. Heist – Don’t Hold Back V.I.P. (dub) [teaser]
29. Heist – Bounty Hunters [Voltage Remix] (dub)
30. Premium – Fucking Cunt (dub) [teaser]
31. Decimal Bass – Battle Station V.I.P. (dub)
32. Original Sin – No Limit (dub) [teaser]
33. Loadstar – Only One (dub)
34. Vigorous – Untitled Dub [teaser]
35. Majistrate – Sour Power (dub)
36. Macky Gee – Murky (dub) [teaser]
37. Rawtee – Cricket Capsule (dub)
38. Premium – Go Suck Ya Mum (dub) [teaser]
39. Annix – Gold Chains [TC Remix] (dub)
40. Decimal Bass – Touch (dub)
41. Hoogs – Back & Forth (dub)
42. Funtcase – Predator V.I.P. (dub)
43. Showtek Feat. We Are Loud! – Booyah [TC Remix] (dub)
44. Konichi – Home Time (dub)
45. Funtcase – Unnamed Dub [teaser]
46. Version – Beer Money (dub)
47. Taxman – Reprezent (dub) [teaser]
48. Heist – Suckers [Ceph Remix] (dub)
49. TC – Me & My Friends (dub) [teaser]
50. Upgrade – Decapitator (dub) [teaser]




December 11th, 2014

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