<p style=Check out the new RAM music video for the forthcoming Drum n Bass hit JAGUAR SKILLS & CHORDS “LUST” FEAT MATTI" />

Check out the new RAM music video for the forthcoming Drum n Bass hit JAGUAR SKILLS & CHORDS “LUST” FEAT MATTI



We came across this drum n bass hit about a month ago. Jaguar Skills & Chords paired up to make a wonderfully put together album using the lyrical sounds from Matti Roots. Its due to come out on Oct 05, 2014
RAM even made a cool little music video to help push the new release. Tell us what ya think about it in the comment section below & make sure to grab this HUGE TRACK as soon as it comes out!

This next release demonstrates exactly what can happen when you merge a formidable heavyweight with one of the genre’s most promising talents. Jaguar Skills needs little introduction; he’s infamous for his ninja-like DJing skills with years stacked behind the decks.
As a result, it was no surprise the artist tried his hands at production alongside Chord’s impressive musicality. Already unstoppable from its conception, ‘Lust’ could only be released on an imprint known for its withstanding qualities. And RAM Records is proud to unleash this toe-tapping, catchy piece of sonic artwork on the dnb community…One that’s already taken the radio airwaves by storm.
Opening with a rhythm that curls itself around your aural senses, prepare to be pulled into ‘Lust’ by its funky groove and well-chiselled hooks. The vocal delight of Matti Roots really brings light to the seasonal feel this track creates; an arpeggio of notes underpins each high-hitting voice crescendo. Bright but not without substance, Chords’ production style is instantly recognisable. This debut from Jaguar Skills serves as a perfect platform for the high standards this mix-maker is about to set, as well as the benchmark which Chords has already carved.
Dominating playlists for years to come, this release from RAM is yet again taking the genre to another level. But considering the parties involved, there was no other direction for this record to take.


September 25th, 2014

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