<p style= * FREE MIX * Mikael – Innamind Promomix Vol.2" />

* FREE MIX * Mikael – Innamind Promomix Vol.2


Deep dubstep mix from Mikael! Available for free download.


(Download for free by clicking the little down arrow on the above post!)

We know alot of the Organized Grime following loves them deep dubstep sounds! So of course when we came across this mix from Mikeal we had to share it with all of you. Mikeal is known for his melancholic, roots wise, dusty and surreal feeling of sound-system music. Your able to feel that threw out this whole mix with new deep bass sounding tracks and some of his original music as well.
Mikeal is also a very skilled bass music producer, “Smiling Face” “Wada” & “Sandwell” (Forthcoming IMRV011) is due to come out on both vinyl and Digital October 2014! Be on the look out for these tunes being distributed worldwide by Unearthed and Railbird Digital.

Now for the people out there unfamiliar with the term “sound-system music”, we highly suggest you turn this FREE mix all the way up on your sound-system to find out 🙂 . Enjoy the freebie fam!

“This time I wanted to include some of the up and coming people’s tracks that I think you should know about. Also wanted to make a set of tracks that I would like to listen as mix at home (+ my own stuff of course). Couldn’t fit everything on this mix that I wanted, next time then. Big ups everybody who has sent me tracks, I appreciate it a lot.” ~ Mikeal



September 24th, 2014

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