<p style=* FREE MIX * Episode 31 – Sept 2014 – Technique Podcast – Mixed By Spectrem" />

* FREE MIX * Episode 31 – Sept 2014 – Technique Podcast – Mixed By Spectrem


Check out the new Technique Recordings Podcast with Spectrum! Available for free download!


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WOW! All you OG drum ‘n’ bass heads are going to love this mix! Spectrum is from Perth, Western Australia and has been producing both dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass at a very young age. We have been watching his music career for a while now after he got signed to Technique Recordings. A label founded by the boss drum ‘n’ bass heads, Drumsound and Bassline Smith. He’s also been DJing alongside names like Matrix & Futurebound and Sigma – just to name a few.


Spectrum has some new releases coming out on September 28th, “Backfire” & “Run”. These are both big tracks that every drum ‘n’ bass DJ needs to add to their arsenal of music. After listing to these tunes you can probably understand why Technique started pushing this very talented DJ and Producer.

Pre order : Spectrem – Backfire / Run

This free mix consists of all your favorite drum ‘n’ bass anthems as well as some original Spectrum tracks. You definitely will be moving – no matter where you’re at – while listing to it. We hope you enjoy the exclusive, FREE Mix! And make sure to follow Technique Recordings Podcasts to stay on top of all the drum ‘n’ bass mixes they come out with.


“Episode 31 see’s the return of the mighty Spectrem…… Since Technique first brought this Aussie producer to the world’s attention, he’s been unstoppable. His tracks have been dropped on Kiss, Radio 1, 1Xtra and wherever else good bass is purveyed to discerning listeners. He’s been DJing alongside names like Matrix & Futurebound, Sigma and Drumsound & Bassline Smith. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s back to increase the levels even further. With “Backfire”, Spectrem melds finely-manipulated real-instrument samples with heavyweight programmed sounds to create an ultra-modern action-flick blockbuster of a tune. Then we’re on the “Run”. With a percussion line that’ll have heads playing Spot the Break, and a vocal hook that’s pure euphoria, this is no-compromise jungle music. You’ve already been warned that Spectrem is on the rise, and now this release is here to confirm it.” ~ Technique Recordings


September 24th, 2014

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