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Requiem Of Rashad: Homage To The Beloved Don Of Footwork

Since the late 90’s, Chicago based Dj & producer, DJ RASHAD of the trailblazing TEKLIFE crew has been influencing the growth of the Juke and Footwork movement with an admirable dedication to intriguing music with absolutely intuitive style.

What began in Chicago with connection to Detroit Ghetto House music is now a flourishing style of dance music that is loved by people all over the world. Rashad Hanif Harden had a hand in that phenomena and experienced recent success with his October 2013 LP release of “Double Cup” on Hyperdub Records. As many have said, he still had so much ahead of him.

  “Since he was a kid, he’s been doing this,” Anthony Harden (Rashad’s Father) told the Chicago Sun-Times. “He knew what he wanted to do, and a lot of us don’t get a chance to make our dream come true.” Here is a compilation of some of DJ RASHAD‘s work put together by the guys at Do Androids Dance plus a few other of our favorites. “Rashad was a kind soul that left an indelible mark on the music world as the torchbearer of footwork and juke,” said Wes Harden, Rashad’s manager to Billboard. “Rest assured that all of those close to him will make sure that the legacy lives on for a great man whose life has been cut far too short.” Indeed, all too soon, Dj Rashad passed away April 26, 2014. It is with utmost respect, love and admiration that we salute the brilliant, yet humble, Dj Rashad. You left a huge impact on so many people around the world including us here on the West Coast. Thank you for everything you’ve shared with the world. Rest in peace sir, you will be missed. Respect. Homage To The Beloved Don Of Footwork


April 28th, 2014

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