*Free Mix* Hedmuk Music Presents: Distance

Big mix from hedmuk, bringing it out big with Distance in the mix

Be sure to grab this one, play it out, and impress your friends!

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We’re not ones to make a big deal out of numerical milestones here at Hedmuk, although there have been a few that have been noted quietly, but since first speaking with Distance about the possibility of having him contribute an interview and mix to our exclusive series we thought it might be worth holding out until we hit our half century. We’re not really ones for looking backwards either, and a(n ironic) quick glance back over the forty-nine artists whose contributions precede this one is testament to the future-facing approach that Hedmuk is, and has always been, about.” ~

Tell us what you think about this free Mix from hedmuk and Distance in the comment section below!


May 8th, 2013

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