**EXCLUSIVE** OG Interview & FREE track from SIXFOOTUNDA

SIXFOOTUNDA is well known name in the so-cal bass music scene, giving us huge productions and memorable live acts for over 15 yrs. We got a chance to sit down and talk to him about his experiences and it was an absolute pleasure to hear what he had to say.

Currently some of his produced tunes from his new album release “Lost In Dreams” on Boomsha Recordings have been sky-rocking to the top of charts on A well rounded producer he has multiple releases on multiple labels adding beats frequently to the music we love.

As a treat, Sixfootunda produced a future jungle tune Exclusively for available for free download.

So first tell us how it all started for SixFootUnda, How did you acquire your dj name and where did it all start for you?


 For me it started back in 1993-1994, when some friends from school introduced me to Jungle Techno. I instantly fell in love with the Jungle sound and started sneaking out to go to raves. As far as how I got my name, I was actually at a house party in Escondido and I was talking with MC Tez and Punisha about what name I should use for producing. We kinda started brainstorming and one of us came up with SixFootUnda. I said yeah, that works cause both my drums and my bass will put you SixFootUnda!

What dj’s did you look up to early in your career, who has been influential in helping you get to where you are today?

When I was starting out in the scene, the dj’s that I looked up to and respected the most were R.A.W.,Curious?, DJ Trance aka Jason Blakemore, Ron D. Core, The Chemist, Jonny 5 and Machete. There are many more but to many to mention.
Over the years I have worked with many great and inspirational artists. I don’t think that any one person was influential in helping me get where I am, I think that the combination of everyone that I have worked with and that has had my back and supported my music is what did it.

What has been your most memorable moments while gigging out? Where was it and what made it stand out in your memory?

I think playing in Phoenix Az last year co-headlining alongside Remarc and DubPile was def one of my most memorable moments ever. It was super fun being brought out of state and actually meeting and playing alongside one of the most influential Jungle producers ever, Remarc!!!
Honestly last year I was on events with some of the biggest Jungle and Hardcore Legends in the world. Remarc,>Paul Elstak, and Paradox. I got to play in a few really awesome cities as well like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and of course San Diego!!.

“I remixed this tune for a good friend of mine and of the San Diego Underground Techno Scene. He was also a great father, son, husband, brother, man and friend. This goes out to everyone who ever met and loved Mikey,!!! My Friend JD aka Auxigen put the video together for us as a tribute to the life of Michael Eterovich aka Tryxx… May you Rest In Peace… Respect..”– Sixfootunda

Your talent as well as style of production is obviously not limited to a single genre, you have numerous releases in the Jungle, Dubstep and most recently with the 140 Jungle/J-tek styles. What is your favorite style of music producing right now and why?

Well for me, I think that Jungle is, and always has been my favorite to produce. I have been producing a lot of Jungle and Future Jungle lately, in fact I currently have a 10 track L.P. out on UK Future Jungle label Boomsha Recordings, that has had 4 tunes in the top 10, of which one hit #1 and is sitting currently at #2. I have a Future Jungle remix of one of DJ Curious?s tunes coming out on Tonz of Drumz and I just finished a couple Jungle tunes with R.A.W.

Where can the people witness you spin next?

The next show I am playing is in San Diego at Organized Grime on 4-15-13. I will also be rocking the decks in Los Angeles at I Love L.A. on 4-21-13 and in Riverside at Monday Night Pressure on 5-06-13.


Any Shoutouts?

Shout outs my wife Courtney and our 3 children Justin, Ryden and Katelyn.
Much Love and Respect to all Junglist and Future Junglist’s worldwide!!
Also HUGE shouts to all the crew and label families worldwide!!
Dub Chamber Records – USA
Tonz of Drumz – USA
Woofer Cooker Recordings – USA
Junglizm – USA
Yardrock USA – UK/USA
Organized Grime – USA
Boomsha Recordings – UK
R.A.T.E.D. – UK
Bad Habit Recordings – UK
Audio Science Recordings – USA
Warlord Dubplate – USA
Raggatek Records – USA
Hum Fi Drum – USA
Smashed Beatz – USA
Gone Jahmen Recordings – USA

Make sure to check out his soundcloud for more bangers!

Latest sounds by SixFootUnda

Big up’s to SIXFOOTUNDA for all of his accomplishments and for being apart of the OG fam! Let all the viewers know what you think about SIXFOOTUNDA’s FREE TUNE in the comment section below!


April 11th, 2013

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