Camo & Krooked Live!! (Free Download)

Do you love DNB like we do?!? Check out this studio quality mix of Camo & Krooked live and download it for free!

Camo n Krooked released a live mix as a thank you gift for getting 200,000 likes on their Facebook. This is defiantly a Drum n Bass mix you want in your music collection, check out their sound cloud and download i for free!

“This is a studio quality recording of the last LED cage live show we did in 2012.We put months of work into it, making special VIP versions of pretty much every tune in there.Everything was split into stems, and we were able to recreate every single tune in there live, whilst syncing visuals via Midi signals onto the LED cage.” ~ Camo & Krooked



March 31st, 2013

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