Custom Shirt for Organized Grime – Time Lapse Video by Nate Khouli

The master minds of Damascus going to work on Organized Grime T’s!

Custom Shirt for Organized Grime – Time Lapse by Nate Khouli from Nate Khouli on Vimeo.

Here is a clip of Nate Khouli from Damascus Apparel laying out the design for an OG T-shirt! Damascus has been supporting OG from the start designing fliers, t-shirts, an logos just to name a few things. As both of our businesses grow so do our relationships with each other Organized Grime would like to thank everyone at Damascus Apparel for all of there hard work and dedication!

Check them out, Damascus Apparel on Facebook or the Damascus Apparel Website for all of there latest news and products!


November 10th, 2012

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