Kaskade & Adam K ft. SunSun – Raining (SubFlex Remix)

SubFlex is an alias formed in September 2010 by fellow Dubstep producers Bobby Hall (CircusJam) and Sean Graham (A-List).

Soon after creating the alias, they came out on top of the ‘Tiffani Vinyard – Stay’ remix competition, which gained the duo support from producers and DJ’s such as Diesel and Dubba Jonny.

Following this remix, promotion agency ‘Rub-a-Dubstep’ got in contact with them, in which after talks, they agreed to join the agency.

From there, they went on to enter another remix competition, this time the duo put there touch on Skisms track titled ‘Back Off’, narrowly missing out on victory and claiming the runners up place.

The remix gained the duo more recognition from producers as well as increasing the interest from the public. SubFlex then went on to produce original tracks such as ‘Faceplant’ and the VIP of Circusjams track titled ‘Murda’.

Unfortunately after this, the duo decided to take a break to concentrate on there solo projects.

But after a year out, they are now very much alive and kicking again, eager to make up for lost time.

To mark the return of SubFlex, the duo agreed to release a free EP under the YouTube promotion channel ‘MistaDubstep’ to celebrate them reaching 3,000 followers on Facebook, as well as having a huge 18,000+ subscribers on YouTube.

The EP has gained the boys huge support, receiving over 600 downloads within the first few days of the release. The EP includes older tracks such as Faceplant, Murda VIP, Stay remix and the Back off remix, as well as a brand new remix of Kaskade & Adam K’s track titled ‘Raining’


November 6th, 2011

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