Ready for Monday’s

Monday is here and its time once again for the free weekly to continue with the next installment of Organized Grime!

I am really excited to see all of these local people out just having a great time listen to dubstep and drum and bass.

It truly is an inspiring thing to witness all of this unity happen here every week right here in San Diego.

This week we have an awesome lineup of DJ’s and Producers. My boy Osal8 is going to playing his personal selections of dubstep for everyone who is ready…

Also Animate from the Knight Vision crew is stepping forward with a Drum and Bass smash session. b.W.A.R.E Is going to be starting off the night, followed by a 1 for 1 back to back session with Jinx.

A big night with some heavy hitters.

Well here we go!!


October 10th, 2011

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