Every MONDAY night we will feature a line-up of local

artist’s and producers playing the filthiest,

nastiest and grimiest dubstep and drum n bass in the area.

Organized Grime’s mission is to promote and

support the underground musicians, DJs, MC’s, Producers,

Dancers, Artists, and EVERYONE that has a

love for electronic movement in Southern California.If you

are reading this right now, than you can bet

that Organized Grime is for YOU! OG will continue to give

back and provide a place to enjoy yourself in

the company of cool people, great music and the vibe that

keeps us all moving forward! WE THANK EVERYONE

for your continued support.


Organized Grime presents: Rawtee
San Diego, CA
Atomic Gaslamp
09:00 pm - 02:00 am
23 Nov
24 Nov
Organized Grime Presents: A-SIDES
San Diego, CA
Atomic Gaslamp
09:00 pm - 02:00 am
26 Oct

Organized Grime live sets & Tracks